Daikin’s CSR Philosophy

Corporate Policies

  1. Absolute Credibility
  2. Enterprising Management
  3. Harmonious Personal Relations

Our Group Philosophy

  1. Create new value by anticipating the future needs of customers
  2. Contribute to society with World-Leading Technologies
  3. Realize future dreams by maximizing corporate values
  4. Think and act globally
  5. Be a flexible and dynamic group
  6. Be a company that leads in applying Environmentally friendly practices.
  7. With our relationship with society in mind, take action and earn society’s trust
  8. The pride and enthusiasm of each employee are the driving forces of our group
  9. Be recognized worldwide by optimally managing the organization and its human resources, under our fast & flat management system
  10. An atmosphere of freedom, boldness and “best practice, our way”.

Key CSR Themes


We engage in environmental activities with global warming prevention as the most important priority.

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

We pursue reliable quality and customer satisfaction.

Human Resources

We provide workspaces where employees from diverse backgrounds can grow and contribute.

Social Contribution

We aspire to meet societal needs and make a possible only for Daikin.

How We View CSR in the Daikin Group

More than providing our customers with high-quality air products, it is the Daikin Group’s corporate and social responsibility to create sustainable programs that will benefit the community.

The Daikin Group will channel its corporate social responsibility initiatives through the following business activities:

  • Create and offer new value by anticipating the future needs of customers.
  • Take initiatives to sustain and improve the environment in all aspects of Daikin’s business operations, and promote the development of new products and technologies that are good for the environment.
  • Build friendly yet competitive relations with all business partners.
  • Stimulate pride and enthusiasm in the workplace.

Rather than simply following their CSR measures, the Daikin Group will proactively incorporate CSR initiatives in all business units and activities to ensure the continuity and improvement of the company’s performance.

Lastly, the Daikin Group will fulfill its CSR initiatives by promoting interactive communications, increasing accountability, and maintaining transparency.