Environmental Philosophy

Be a Company that Leads in Applying Environmentally Friendly Practices As we continue developing our business operations in various fields, it is our mission to proactively develop initiatives to respond to environmental issues. Incorporating environmental initiatives throughout our management must be a priority for us. In all aspects of our business operations, including product development, manufacturing and sales, we need to formulate initiatives that sustain and improve the environment. Meanwhile, we need to promote the development of new products and the innovation of technologies that will lead to a more environmentally healthy world.

Under the precept “environmental response is an important management resource,” we must integrate environmental initiatives into our corporate management since they can lead to business expansion, improved business performance, and further enhancement of our credibility with outside parties. We intend to continue being a leading company in the practice of “environmental management,” thus contributing to a healthier global environment as a good citizen of the earth. Action Guidelines

        1. Ensure that all members of the Group deepen our understanding of environmental issues and take responsibility for the impact our actions have on society in general.
        2. Establish, promote, and continuously improve an Environmental Management System to actively and effectively implement Environmental Management as a Group.
        3. Develop and implement environmental initiatives in all aspects of our business operations, including product development, production, sales, distribution, services, and recycling. In particular, be a leader in society by developing products, technologies, and business opportunities that contribute to sustaining and improving our environment.
        4. Implement environmental initiatives that are globally consistent as well as promote initiatives that respond to the particular circumstances of each country and region. Furthermore, actively promote cooperation and alliances with related companies, external organizations, and institutions.
        5. Disclose environmentally related information in a truthful and fair manner. Listen to the views of people both inside and outside the company to continuously improve our environmental preservation efforts.
        1. These compliance guidelines set forth the basic premises to observe as a basic framework for compliance for all Group companies as well as each and every one of their executives and employees in the worldwide expansion of the Daikin Group. Each company of the global Group shall draft specific criteria based on these guidelines as a code of conduct that corresponds to differences in laws and customs of each country and region and thoroughly maintains compliance.