Applied Night

Go Green with Daikin

Last October 20, 2017 Daikin Airconditioning Philippines, Inc. cemented a milestone hosting their first “APPLIED NIGHT” for all mechanical consultants in the metropolis. The event is specifically intended for all applied products such as chillers, AHUs, FCUs and alike.

Each year Daikin Airconditioning Philippines hosted a yearly event to discuss and promote what is new with the Daikin product line and its participation in the conservation of our environment called “THE SPECIFIERS NIGHT” but this time the event is purely with the applied products. Having in attendance personnel from PHILGBC, the current PRC head for mechanical engineers and list of prominent mechanical designers.

To start with personnel from Daikin Airconditioning Philippines, Inc. introduced the current structure of the applied organization and a brief history of the company. Followed by a run down with the applied products from different factories across the globe. Factories such as Daikin Applied Americas based on United States of America, McQuay Wuhan China, McQuay Shenzhen China, Daikin Huizhou China, DAMA and DRM based in Malaysia.

Daikin guest speaker from DRM Malaysia discussed AHUs manufactured from their factory siting the advantages of having units manufactured at their factory. Discussing the new line of blower the plugged fan blowers which uses lesser electricity and lesser noise. Having lesser electricity consumption helps saves the environment as we all know that electricity in the Philippines are produce from coal, gases and hydo power plant. As the night progress the second guest speaker from Daikin Applied Americas discussed about the AWV air cooled screw chiller. Daikin Pathfinder® air-cooled chillers continue to redefine what it means to be “industry leading.” The latest evolution of Pathfinder® chillers offers the highest energy efficiency levels available. Daikin Applied utilizes proven technologies in a newly engineered and flexible design to achieve world-class efficiency performance and low noise within a compact footprint. It is fully configurable unit architecture and options with state of the art variable volume ratio compressor design optimizes efficiency at all operating conditions. It is also factory testing for trouble free startup and reliable operation using HFC-134a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion. The compressor technology with unique compressor design with variable volume ratio capability and integrated VFD for exactly matching required cooling at the best possible efficiency. The single rotor design and built-in muffler lead to quiet operation at all load conditions. Certification and standard meets ASHRAE Std. 90.1, AHRI 550/590 certified, and contributes to LEED® certification. The Chiller performance is optimized at every condition and at every hour of the day with unique variable VR (volume ratio) compressor technology and patented high-efficiency oil separation. The compressor adjusts compression volumetric ratio to meet the demands of the building or process at that moment to maximize efficiency. While performance is matched in real-time as conditions vary, built-in and patented compressor mechanics reduce noise and vibration resulting in neighborhood friendly sound levels at all load points. Condenser coils are all 9153 aluminum alloy microchannel design with a series of flat tubes containing multiple, parallel flow microchannels layered between the refrigerant manifold piping. Compared to traditional copper and aluminum coil designs, microchannel coils have proven to be environmentally friendly by using significantly less refrigerant.

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