Daikin’s Streamer technology beats six Corona Virus variants, even Omicron

We’re now in our third year as the world continues to find ways in beating COVID-19. With its many strains, the Coronavirus is relentless in infecting everyone. Just when things are settling down, our hearts start racing as we tune in on the news of new variants sprouting. It’s a cycle we hope will end real soon.

One thing we’ve learned from this experience is that clean air is very important. To achieve this, we need equipment that can help us combat harmful particles and viruses, especially in our homes. And with the government lowering down the alert level, people getting braver to head out, and, soon, children physically going back to school, it’s a must that highly populated venues have the proper tools to keep viruses at bay and people’s minds at ease.


Daikin’s Streamer technology beats six Corona Virus variants, even Omicron


Over the years, we’ve seen air purifiers of different types sprouting left and right. One brand that stands out is Daikin, a Japanese company that recently released a study of their latest Streamer technology. In collaboration with Professor Tatsuo Shioda and Assistant Professor Tadahiro Sasaki, the Department of Virus Infections, Research Institute for Microbial Disease, Okada University, Daikin Industries, Ltd. has proven that their Streamer technology can counter off Alpha, Beta, and Gamma strains of the Coronavirus—up to 99.9 percent, whereas it’s 99.8 percent against the Omicron strain. This test was done within four hours with Streamer discharged from Daikin’s air purifiers.

In 2004, long before these deadly respiratory viruses hit the world, Daikin was able to work on making sure that over 60 types of harmful substances were blocked. These include bacteria, allergens, and viruses such as influenza, RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), and mouse noroviruses. This technology, even after 18 years since its inception, has proven to be effective against more unforeseen harmful substances.

The Streamer technology works by releasing plasma, performing oxidative decomposition of unwanted substances. This plasma discharge has air purification technology that is stable in generating high-speed electrons, an advancement way ahead of its time. These electrons have an even more powerful oxidative decomposition when it’s released and combined with air components. Not only does it combat viruses, it also removes bacteria, odors, and indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde which is found in most of our furniture.



Daikin continues to conduct tests with universities and public research institutions, resulting in the effectiveness of the Streamer technology against influenza viruses, Adenovirus, Coxsackie virus, enterovirus, ecovirus, and measles. It is also effective against toxins and seven types of bacteria that includes Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, 30 types of allergens such as cedar pollen and Dermatophagoides farinae (excrement/carcass), and 19 types of harmful chemical substances. Plus, the usual molds, mites, and pollen.

With all these harmful substances that have been confirmed to be eradicated by Daikin’s Streamer technology, their air purifiers offer many benefits such as air cleaning, deodorization, powerful suction that leads to faster air purification, and easy-to-use functions that make clean air monitoring easy.

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Article Credits to Manila Bulletin