One-stop aircon solutions provider with Daikin’s Air Solutions Shop (DASS)

Daikin Philippines partners with TESDA to help Pinoys get certification and livelihood.

In the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for products that filter the air increased, from portable air filters, air purifiers, to air-conditioning machines. With this demand, there was also an increase when it comes to services needed.

Introducing DASS

As an answer to this need, Daikin Philippines, a Japanese multinational air-conditioning manufacturing company, has launched its Daikin Air Solutions Shop (DASS) in the Philippines. DASS is a one-stop aircon solutions provider, offering ease and comfort to every Filipino consumer, be it for residential, office, restaurant, or hotel.

DASS partners

Daikin executives with the DASS partners.

During its media launch held last Aug. 5, 2022 at the Grand Hyatt BGC, the company announced that it has partnered with five local shops that will cater to the needs of consumers from across the country. These partners are RGCA Enterprises in Quezon City; PVS Airconditioning Services in Lipa, Batangas; Hope Genesis Enterprises in Calamba, Laguna; Quickserve Advance Technical Solutions Co., Ltd., in Davao City; and AirconEx Philippines Inc. in Imus, Cavite; and two upcoming shops, namely: Rosarito Industries Corp. and Arkdev Engineering in Paranaque.
RGCA Enterprises

RGCA Enterprises (San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City)

PVS Airconditioning Services

PVS Airconditioning Services (Lipa City, Batangas)

Hope Genesis Enterprises

Hope Genesis Enterprises (Calamba, Laguna)

QuickServe Advanced Technical Solutions, Co. Ltd.

QuickServe Advanced Technical Solutions, Co. Ltd. (Davao City)

AirconEx Philippines, Inc.

AirconEx Philippines, Inc. (Imus, Cavite)

These shops have websites where people can simply visit, inquire, and order the services they need. These partners offer value engineering solutions that cover various services such as energy-efficient air conditioning solutions, centralized air solutions with individual zone controls, indoor air quality solutions, and quality and reliable installation.

All these are made available for customers without the need to leave the comfort of their home. All they have to do is visit a partner’s website, look for the services, talk to the shop’s representative, and book an appointment. A team from one of the partners will then visit the location to do the necessary services. Meanwhile, those who want to inquire about services from DASS can visit for more information.

Meet the new products

On top of this, Daikin also unveiled the new line up of its products that are designed to fight the coronavirus circulating in the air.

For residential and office spaces, Daikin Philippines has launched three new innovative products – the new D-Smart King FTKZ-WVM has the highest CSPF (Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor) rating of 7.24 in the market used by DOE to determine energy-efficient aircon products. This model is also integrated with Daikin’s Streamer Technology with a built-in Wi-Fi capability for higher usability for both households and offices.

On the other hand, the new D-Smart Queen, designed to improve air quality, is equipped with the Gin-Ion filter that can decompose bacteria and viruses along with the new breeze mode. Lastly, the brand also released a new model of its Air Purifier which has a more modern shape yet still fulfills its capability to reduce bacteria, viruses, and allergens in the air with its Streamer Technology.

For commercial spaces, the company launched the new VAM, which is designed to improve indoor environment quality by efficiently introducing fresh air in the area. It also introduced a new Streamer Duct Chamber, which is an accessory that can be integrated in new or existing ducting to be able to incorporate additional indoor quality. There is also the MERv-8 filter that kills unwanted viruses and bacteria and prolongs the life of the units by requiring less maintenance. Lastly, the Streamer Cassette that allows commercial spaces to get the patented technology that was only limited to Daikin’s Air Purifier line.

Empowering Filipinos with TESDA

With the launch of these new products and new partners, it also means that there is a need for more technicians that could address the needs of every customer. Daikin has partnered with the Technological Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to give free NC3/NC III aircon technical courses across the country.

Daikin tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that after finishing the course and getting their certification, the company will help these technicians build network and connection with the company’s partner providers giving them jobs and livelihood. The company also hopes that getting the NC3/ NC III certification and training will also give these future technicians more opportunities to open their own shops or be the go-to aircon technician in their respective areas.

Even though Daikin is the one who will provide the training together with TESDA, they are not limiting the technicians to only work for Daikin products—their main goal is to give opportunities to thousands of Filipinos to learn and earn a sustainable living, especially in these challenging times.

Those who wish to avail this training may inquire with TESDA.

Article Credits to Manila Bulletin