TESDA & DAIKIN partnership to upgrade Philippine Airconditioning Industry through the soon-to-be launched “TESDA-DAIKIN HVAC Center”

MANILA – The Daikin group, known as one of the largest and leading air conditioning companies in the world, as its business philosophy and mission, has already partnered with government bodies in many ASEAN countries to promote and advance skills in the field of air conditioning, and continues to actively seek ways to forge partnerships with such agencies in the Philippines, as well.

While TESDA, whose mission is to upskill the Filipino people through training, generating more job opportunities and nurturing the Philippines’ potential to be globally competitive in this sector, also put more emphasis on industry collaboration.

Both parties agreed on July 15, 2021 at TESDA Center in Taguig to jointly develop the new NCIII training program with the commitment of Daikin to support the renovation and improvement of selected facilities operated by TESDA to be called “TESDA-DAIKIN HVAC Center.”

With the rise of “TESDA-DAIKIN HVAC Centers,” both parties aim to accelerate the growth of the industry by providing quality workmanship.

We believe that from this partnership every Filipino will benefit regardless of the role they play, be it as a consumer, or a potential job-seeker. As a consumer, they would be able to enjoy reduced energy usage that will convert into savings. Whilst as an installer of split type air conditioner, they would be able to earn a better living through installations and workmanship that weren’t required when using window type units. More importantly, Filipinos trained under the new NCIII program will be regarded as highly-skilled aircon workers when seeking employment abroad.

The final step in this market evolution is to make this mandatory for installers and technicians. This puts emphasis on the importance of having the necessary skills and expertise to provide quality service. It will put a premium on the individual’s capability but moreover it will ensure that consumers will get high quality product paired with high quality installation.