Basic Air Purifier 30 Type

CAPACITY: up to 23 sqm

First choice for crystal clean air at home.

An Entry Model focused on basic functions that comes in 4 colors. Its stylish and modern appearance seamlessly blend with the interior design of any room.


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Electrostatic HEPA Filter

Provides improved filtration efficiency and enhances the ability to remove a wider range of airborne smaller particles from the air. This filter catches 99.97% of 0.3 micrometers and can last up to 10 years.

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Compact & Stylish Design

Multiple choices of panel indication colors (Grey, Blue, Green, and Pink) that seamlessly blend with the interior design of any room and has a wider suction area in three directions.

Pet Mode

Whisper Quiet Operation

Operates with a noise level as low as 19dB, ensuring whisper-quiet performance for a quieter and more comfortable sleep experience.


Function List

Technical Specifications

Air Purifier MCK70 Technical Specifications

Streamer Technology is Effective to Covid

Testing Daikin’s Streamer Technology versus virus is very important! Proves and guarantees Daikin Streamer Technology is effective versus Covid.

Daikin Air Purifier with Family

Streamer Air Purifier

Breathe Fresh & Pure Air with Daikin’s Streamer Technology.