Twin Streamer Air Purifier 80 Type

CAPACITY: up to 62 sqm

Equipped with Daikin’s Unique Twin Streamer.

Daikin Twin Streamer Air Purifier 80 type is suitable for larger rooms such as living room. It ensures that no air is left unfiltered in the room, because it’s tower design catches all bacteria and is the most effective in cleaning the air.


Twin Streamer logo

Twin Streamer

Twice the decomposition power for harmful substances and odors.

TAPU - HEPA Filter Logo

TAFU - HEPA Filter

Dust collection efficiency is 1.4 times larger than the Electrostatic HEPA Filter

Pet Mode

Pet Mode

Creates a gentle turbulence that catches pet hair before it lands on the floor.
Daikin Eye

Daikin Eye

Indicates the room air quality; indoor temperature, humidity level, and PM2.5 concentration


Air Purifier Twin Streamer MCK70 Type
Air Purifier Twin Streamer 70 Type
Air Purifier Twin Streamer 70 Type

Daikin’s Double Method

APU MCK70 Double Method

Function List

Technical Specifications

Air Purifier MCK70 Technical Specifications

Streamer Technology is Effective to Covid

Testing Daikin’s Streamer Technology versus virus is very important! Proves and guarantees Daikin Streamer Technology is effective versus Covid.

Daikin Air Purifier with Family

Streamer Air Purifier

Breathe Fresh & Pure Air with Daikin’s Streamer Technology.