Rooftop Package System

Capacities: 16.3kW / 26.5kW / 34.4kW / 42.8kW / 53.1kW / 63.7kW / 68.4kW / 84.2kW
Refrigerant: R410A
Comfort for Life / Advanced Technologies / Unparalleled Performance

Daikin brand commercial packaged products offer outstanding performance. Many retrofit applications do not require transition curbs. Look to Daikin brand commercial packaged products to deliver durable and reliable performance.



A non-ozone depleting refrigerant or fluid that transfers heat energy between the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioning system.


Command Performance

• Equipped with microprocessor controller which has Mode selection, Temperature Setting, Timer, and Error code display.

Design Flexibility

• Standard maximum piping length is up to 35m.

Safe and Secure

• Equipped with High & Low Pressure protection, compressor & motor current overload protection, and censor fault indication.
Rooftop systems offer a flexible way to provide treated air for one to eight-story buildings. Many options and configurations are available to satisfy a wide number of applications. Fresh outside air is mixed with return air from the occupied space and then filtered, conditioned, and supplied back into the building. Conditioning involves cooling, dehumidifying, or heating the air for optimal space comfort.

Rooftop units can serve a single zone, or an entire building filled with many zones. Some units can be specifically designed for make-up air, where only outside air is treated and sent to the space. Inverter compressors, belt-less ECM fans, and energy recovery solutions make rooftop systems an easy-to-maintain, energy-efficient choice for conditioning any space. Natural gas, electric, hot water, steam, and heat pump heat provide reliable heating for spaces with colder seasons and climates.

Rooftop Package System

Comfort for Life / Advanced Technologies / Unparalleled Performance