D-Smart King Series
(Premium Efficiency Model)

CAPACITY: 1.0 HP / 1.5 HP / 2.0 HP / 2.5 HP / 3.0 HP

FTKZ Series uses Hybrid Cooling that allows dehumidification control to create the comfortable environment for your room. Satisfy your cooling needs with the total comfort experience for any lifestyle.

Mindful of the environment and climate impact of its products, Daikin has taken the lead when it comes to shifting to refrigerants with a lower environmental impact.

Hybrid Cooling

Hybrid Cooling is Daikin’s Technology to control humidity efficiently even in low cooling loads by developing the indoor unit’s heat exchanger to dehumidify at any time. It keeps dehumidifying and maintains coolness after reaching the set temperature.

For the conventional air conditioner, after the room temperature reached the setting temperature, the humidity getting increase again that make you feel muggy. For FTKZ model, the humidity can be maintained that make you feel comfort continuously.


Econo Mode

Helps you save on the electricity bills and share the same power circuit with other devices simultaneously without any problem.

Mold Proof Operation

Avoid mould with this feature as the fan-only operation runs automatically for one hour after the cooling or dry operation is stopped to dry the internal indoor unit and reduce the generation of mould and odours. This feature can also be operated manually.

Coanda Effect

Provides greater airflow length by streaming cool air upwards along the ceiling. The airflow avoids furniture and obstructions to throw conditioned air to the far wall. This ensures, excellent comfort in every corner of the room.

✓ Withstands Low & High Voltages from 0 up to 440V

✓ Protects your investment

✓ Ensures the safety of electrical parts

✓ 3 years warranty for PCB

✓ 1 year warranty for parts & labor

✓ 5 years warranty for compressor


Unstable power supply is a common problem in many parts of the world. It is well known for causing overvoltage, which can seriously damage electronic devices. However, it also causes undervoltage, which can shut down your air conditioner just when you need it the most.

Daikin’s printed circuit boards (PCB) are specially strengthened to withstand voltage fluctuations. This allows them to operate across a wide range of voltages in areas with unstable power. That is why Daikin oers you our new room air conditioning line-up that can withstand zero up to 440V.


When the voltage is higher or lower than the operating range, the air conditioning system automatically switches off. When the voltage is adjusted back to 220V, the air conditioning system automatically starts operating again.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Control by Inverter and Non-Inverter Compressors (Cooling)


Indoor Unit






Cooling Capacity

1.0 HP

1.5 HP

2.0 HP

2.5 HP

3.0 HP

Power Consumption






Dimensions (HxWxD)

300mm x 920mm x 240mm

300mm x 920mm x 240mm

300mm x 1100mm x 240mm

300mm x 1100mm x 240mm

300mm x 1100mm x 240mm








7.24 (5★)

6.68 (5★)

6.69 (5★)

6.45 (5★)

5.98 (5★)


Eco King Series

How much am I really saving from this?

D-Smart King

Compact size and ease of installation make split type air conditioners the popular choice for living room and bedroom spaces.