D-Smart King

(Premium Efficiency Model)

CAPACITY: 1.0 HP / 1.5 HP / 2.0 HP / 2.5 HP / 3.0 HP

Satisfy your cooling needs with total comfort experience, energy saving and air cleaning all in one unit.

FTKZ Series uses Hybrid Cooling feature that allows dehumidification control to create a comfortably cool environment and incorporated with Daikin Streamer Technology for a safer air on your room.

D-Smart King Why should you choose Daikin
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Our commitment towards a greener tomorrow drives us to innovate and deliver eco-friendly air conditioning solutions with the use of R-32 that is the most balanced refrigerant available in the market in terms of environmental impact, energy efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.
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Hybrid Cooling

Daikin’s Hybrid Cooling technology combines the benefits of air cooling and evaporative cooling to optimize cooling efficiency and energy-saving solutions in areas with dry climates or low humidity. The system first uses the air cooling mode, where the air passes through the evaporator coil and is cooled by the refrigerant.

This initial cooling process reduces the air temperature. Then, if the outdoor temperature and humidity conditions are suitable, the system switches to evaporative cooling mode. In this mode, water is introduced into the air stream, and evaporation takes place, further reducing the air temperature. The combination of air cooling and evaporative cooling allows for enhanced cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption. The decision to switch between air cooling and evaporative cooling modes is typically automated and based on outdoor temperature and humidity levels. If the outdoor conditions are not suitable for evaporative cooling, the system will continue operating in air cooling mode.

Logo - Streamer Technology

Streamer Technology

The Streamer discharge is a type of plasma discharge that generates “high-speed electrons”, which have high oxidative decomposition power in a three-dimensional and wide range, so the oxidative decomposition power is 1,000 times or more compared to general plasma discharge (glow discharge).

With this technology, high-speed electrons that combine with air components have a strong oxidative decomposition power, so they continuously act on odors, bacteria, and indoor pollutants.

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Coanda Effect

This feature improves air distribution and comfort. It is utilized to direct airflow along the ceiling or walls, allowing for a more even and comfortable distribution of conditioned air throughout the room. By directing the airflow along the ceiling, the air is given more time to mix and circulate before reaching the occupants, which helps to eliminate drafts and create a more pleasant environment. The Coanda effect is achieved in Daikin air conditioners by using specially designed louvers or vents.

Main Features

FTKZ-WVM Mold Proof Icon

Mold-proof Operation

This operation dries the inside of air conditioner to reduce the development of mold and odour inside. During operation, flap opens and air flows.

FTKZ-WVM Wifi Capability

Wi-Fi Capability

Can be connected to Daikin Mobile Controller Application.
This allows your indoor air conditioning unit to be controlled wherever you are.

FTKZ-WVM Intelligent Eye Icon

Intelligent Eye

If no one is in the room for more than 20 minutes, the operation automatically
changes to energy saving operation.

FTKZ-WVM Two Area Intelligent Eye icon

Two-Area Intelligent Eye

The intelligent eye sensor detects human movement and adjusts the right and
left airflow direction. It can be set to avoid or to direct airflow specifically.

FTKZ-WVM Weekly Timer Icon

Weekly Timer

Using weekly scheduler, you can set up to four patterns for starting and stopping your air conditioners. It will automatically turn on before you wake up or return home and turn off after you go to bed or go outside of your home. Separate patterns can also be set for each day of the week.

Unstable power supply is a common problem in many parts of the world and poses a significant threat to electronic devices. Overvoltage can cause serious damage, while undervoltage can lead to sudden air conditioner shutdowns when you need them the most.

Daikin’s outdoor printed circuit boards (PCB) are specially strengthened to withstand a sudden voltage fluctuation from zero (0) up to 440V. This enables Daikin’s outdoor PCBs to function effectively even in regions with unreliable power conditions.

3 years warranty

✓ Withstands Low & High Voltages from 0 up to 440V

✓ Protects your investment

✓ Ensures the safety of electrical parts

✓ 3 years warranty for Outdoor PCB

✓ 1 year warranty for parts & labor

✓ 5 years warranty for compressor


When the voltage is higher or lower than the operating range, the air conditioning system automatically switches off. When the voltage is adjusted back to 220V, the air conditioning system automatically starts operating again.

Daikin Inverter Technology

Temperature Control by Inverter and Non-Inverter Compressors (Cooling)

A. When temperature is higher than set temperature, the motor rotates faster to lower room temperature.

B. Motor rotation speed is adjusted to maintain a constant temperature.

C. Motor rotates when temperature is higher than set temperature.

D. When temperature approaches set temperature, the motor rotation speed is reduced.

E. Motor stops when temperature is lower than set temperature.

F. Variation width for temperature becomes large when temperature is adjusted by repeatedly starting and stopping the motor. Furthermore, the motor always rotates at constant speed, and energy consumption increases from the energy loss of starting and stopping.

G. Lowering motor rotation speed according to load reduces both variation width for temperature and energy consumption

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Eco King Series

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