Duct Connection Middle Static Pressure Type (Inverter)

MODEL: FBA50/60/71/100/125/140BVMA
CAPACITY: 2 HP / 2.5 HP / 3 HP / 4 HP / 5 HP / 6 HP

Refreshingly cool in every space of your place

Perfect for interior designed spaces. The indoor unit is concealed out of sight in your ceiling or under the floor, with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through vents located throughout your home.

Mindful of the environment and climate impact of its products, Daikin has taken the lead when it comes to shifting to refrigerants with a lower environmental impact.


High Efficiency

DC fan motor and drain pump

Silver Ion Anti-Bacterial Pan

• A built-in antibacterial treatment that uses silver ion in the drain pan prevents the growth of slime, bacteria, and mold that cause smells and clogging.


Easy Maintenance

Non-flocking flap
• Easy-clean, flat surfaces
• Drain pump kit (option) includesa silver ion anti-bacterial agent


Daikin Advantage

Design and Installation Flexibility

Only 245 mm high. Installation is possible even in buildings with narrow ceiling spaces
Higher lift is realized. A built-in DC drain pump with standard accessory is utilized
Bottom suction is available. Wiring and servicing can be done from the underside of the unit (an option part required).


Switchable fan speed: 3 steps and Auto


Silver ion anti-bacterial drain pan
Adjustable E.S.P. – External static pressure can be controlled
Airflow rate auto adjustment function
Interlock control
DIII-NET communication standard

Easy Maintenance

Position of drain pan inspection opening
Drain pan maintenance check window

High Efficiency

DC fan motor and DC drain pump

Technical Specifications

Temperature Control by Inverter and Non-Inverter Compressors (Cooling)

Model Name







Cooling Capacity

5.0 (2.3-5.6) kW

6.0 (2.6-6.3) kW

7.1 (3.2-8.0) kW

10.0 (5.0-11.2) kW

12.5 (5.7-14.0) kW

14.0 (6.2-15.4) kW

Power Consumption

1.35 kW

1.64 kW


3.01 kW

4.44 kW

5.69 kW

Dimensions (HxWxD)

245mm x 1,000mm x 800mm

245mm x 1,000mm x 800mm

245mm x 1,000mm x 800mm

245mm x 1,400mm x 800mm

245mm x 1,400mm x 800mm

245mm x 1,400mm x 800mm

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