Wall Mounted Type Series (Inverter)


Coolness that hits every wall of the room.

Suitable for places with wide ceiling head like offices spaces.

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Our commitment towards a greener tomorrow drives us to innovate and deliver eco-friendly air conditioning solutions with the use of R-32 that is the most balanced refrigerant available in the market in terms of environmental impact, energy efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.
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All Around Cooling

Has auto-swing, air discharge modes and wide-angle louvers to facilitate even room temperature.

Comfortable Airflow Control

Control Airflow in 4-directions depending on what suits the room.

Design Flexibility

6-direction refrigerant piping offers greater installation flexibility.

Daikin Advantage

Stylish Model

Sophisticated design. Flap neatly closes when not in use
White color


The technology of the DC fan motor, wide sirocco fan, and large heat exchanger combine for greater airflow and quiet operation
Auto swing (up and down) and louvers (left and right by hand) bring comfort to the room
Louver manually adjusts for straight or wide angle airflow
Suitable for high ceilings
Switchable fan speed: 5 steps and Auto

Installation Flexibility for Freedom of Design

Flexible installation
Drain pump kit can be easily incorporated
DIII-NET communication standard
All wiring and internal servicing can be done from under the unit

Easy Maintenance

Drain pump kit includes a silver ion antibacterial agent
Non-flacking flop
Easy-clean flat surfaces

Oil Resistant Grille

Oil-resistant plastic is used for the air suction grill

Technical Specifications

Temperature Control by Inverter and Non-Inverter Compressors (Cooling)

Model Name



Cooling Capacity

7.1 (3.2-8.0) kW

10.0 (5.0-11.2) kW

Power Consumption

2.12 kW

3.60 kW

Dimensions (HxWxD)

290mm x 1,050mm x 238mm

340mm x 1,200mm x 240mm

SkyAir High Efficiency

SkyAir High Efficiency

Modern Energy-Saving Cooling Solution for your Commercial Space.

SkyAir Standard Efficiency

SkyAir Standard Efficiency

Your entry level cooling solution with affordable air conditioning but still has a high-rating energy efficiency.

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