Home Central Air Conditioning


Embrace your new lifestyle.

This slim and compact outdoor units efficiently utilize space and meet the needs of homes, small offices and shops with air conditioning capacities up to 24kW.



Daiki Home Central Air Conditioning focuses on comfortable living through intelligent 3D air flow features in its unit design. In the past, it is unthinkable to have air conditioning in the bathroom and kitchen. Now, with Daikin’s moisture control technology, comfort can be attained in every corner of your home.


Sweet Dream

People respond to temperature and moisture differently, and our responses are specially sensitive during sleep. The sweet dream function presets and adjusts the room temperature and moisture level optimally so you and your family can have a peaceeful sleep all night long


Comfort Cooling

Comfort Cooling controls the humidity on a regular temperature adjustments basis. On rainy days, it lowers the humidity without lowering the temperature, while avoiding over-cooling during hot weather through temperature humidity balance. It prevents discomfort caused by sharp temperature changes, keeping you fresh all day long.

Auto Moisture Control

High moisture level causes people to sweat and mould to grow. Auto Moisture Control takes total care of your room level and maintains the ideal moisture level for a cozy environment while keeping mildew away thoughout the year.

New Lifestyle


Redefining Home Air Conditioning

A complete solution that provides Cooling, Comfort, Control and Convenience in ONE single system.

Sophisticated comfort technology giving you optimum moisture level, temperature and air flow distribution control

Creative and modern design to fit your personal haven

Hidden elegance to complement your beautifully designed home interiors.

Creates a pleasant environment for you and your loved ones.


Technology meets Design


The units are compact and slim enough to fit into any plaster ceiling, giving you more space and flexibility to create the perfect home you desire. Now, function and aesthetics can live in beautiful harmony.


Designed to suit your home design, you can choose from several types of air discharge and suction method. This flexibility allows you to achieve the ideal look for your house.

The Daikin Home Central Air Conditioning redefines comfort with its new technology break-through in air conditioning norms. It is a unified system which incorporates temperature, moisture and air flow control.

Home Central Air Conditioning

This slim and compact outdoor units efficiently utilize space and meet the needs of homes, small offices and shops.