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Reiri Touchscreen Controller DCPF04

Reiri for Office

Reiri for Office is the ideal building management solution for allsizes of commercial buildings, especially for small to medium-sized buildings, regardless of location. This smart building solution provides affordable and scalable building control and energy management, allowing users greater control and automation of building utilities such as air-conditioning and lighting, and to monitor and manage energy performance and indoor air quality.

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ReiriOffice Plus DCPF05

ReiriOffice Multi-site DCPF10

Reiri for Home

Reiri for Home is the complete smart home solution with seamless integration capabilities, allowing users to control and monitor all smart home devices conveniently from just a single mobile app. From security and safety enhancements to indoor air quality and energy management, Reiri for Home is the ideal home automation system for every homeowner.

ReiriHome DCPH01

ReiriHome Lite DCPH02

Reiri for Hotel and Resort

Reiri for Hotel effectively saves energy and cost while prioritizing guests’ comfort and satisfaction. With this smart hotel solution, energy consumption is optimised without compromising on the guests’ in-room comfort. Hotel managers and staff are also able to conveniently monitor the status and manage the settings of every room.

Achieve the best of both worlds with this control solution that provides automatic aircon control to reduce energy consumption while ensuring an ideal level of comfort for guests in every villa/resort.

ReiriHotel DCPL01

ReiriResort DCPR01

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