Green & Smart Building

Earn Green Mark points and receive first-hand alerts of any service disruptions and malfunctions, achieving faster response time and reducing energy expenses by up to 20%.


System Optimisation
Spare Coverage
Fault Management
#Owners who use VRVIII or later models only.
Daikin Remote Monitoring System offers the smart choice for building owners to monitor, predict and earn maximum savings. Being the first to offer 24-hours access to updated diagnostics via multiple outputs, our system also provides continuous monitoring and automatic adjustments for air-conditioning systems. It improves your VRV systems’ efficiency by auto optimising them to operate at the sweet spot. With technology as intuitive as Daikin Remote Diagnosis System, building owners receive first-hand alerts of any service disruption and malfunctions in advance. Additionally, building owners attain more response time to rectify and address issues.
Daikin Remote Monitoring System

Fault Management & Breakdown Prevention

• Basic fault detection and diagnostics of sensors

• Predictive Analytics

• Reduce VRV systems downtime

• Real-time malfuction notification

• Historical malfunction report

• Access to RMS App and Web for quick reporting and detailed information

• Using existing VRV sensors to detect abnormality in VRV system before breakfown

• Auto reporting on Weekly/Monthly basis

• Troubleshooting guide

Efficiency and Energy Dashboard / Smart Green Building

• Attain Green Mark Points

• Permanent Measurement and Verification (M&V)

• Exception handling by identifying systems that deviates fromm expected performance/seeting

• Detect equipment that run outside intended hours or settings

• Advanced detection and diagnotics of deviation behaviour of a network of HVAC equipment for root causes of equipment or system-wide faults or inefficiencies

Efficiency Management & VRV Performance

• Detect equipment that operates in excessive cooling

• Compute individual indoor and outdoor unit’s operation hours

• Fine-tune and automatically regulate VRV systems to operate in optimum efficiency

• Save energy

• Monitor VRV System’s power consumption and efficiency

Where is RMS installed?
It is recommended to install the data logger and the router near to the existing centralized controller. If there are no centralized controller, they can be installed at the outdoor condenser unit with a weatherproof box.
Does the RMS data logger and router tap onto the company’s network?
No, Daikin RMS uses standalone network with router and sim card.
How are the error codes being notified?
Malfunction notification will be sent automatically via SMS, E-mail or Smartphone App.
Will my A/C system operation be affected during the installation of RMS?
Daikin engineer will need to access to all the outdoor and indoor units to do an address setting. Nevertheless, during the process, all A/C systems can be function as usual.
How long does it takes for RMS to be installed?
1-3 working days.
Which air-conditioning system can be connected to RMS?
RMS only support Daikin VRVIII and above.