Ceiling Suspended Type Series

4HP / 6HP

Japan Quality1 Year Warranty Parts & Labor5 Years Warranty Compressor

Refreshingly cool in every space.

Slim, Efficient, Quiet, Easy to Maintain
With its slim, elegant design, the FHRN ceiling-suspended unit is a great fit for any light commercial space. Wide air openings provide a comfortable airflow and an innovative stream fan ensures quiet operation, making it ideal for retail stores, restaurants, classrooms and conference rooms.

Far and high air flow

Ensures each part of the room to be cooled down rapidly to the set temperature.


Automatically detects faults and malfunctions in the system and provides warning to users by blinking of LED lights.

Timer Selector

Operation starts when the preset time of the ‘on’ timer elapses and stops when the preset time of the ‘off’ timer elapses.

  • Model Name
  • FHRN140AXVL9
  • Cooling Capacity
  • 10.26 kW
  • 16.41 kW
  • Energy Efficient Ratio
  • 2.70 W/W
  • 2.63 W/W
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • 235mm x 1903mm x 680mm
  • 285mm x 1903mm x 680mm

Daikin Ceiling Suspended Type SeriesTwo selectable temperature sensors
Both indoor unit and wired remote controller (option) contain temperature-sensors. Temperature sensing can be set at the unit or, to further improve comfort level, closer to the target area at the wired remote control. This feature must be set during commissioning by the technicians.

* Temperature-sensor on indoor unit must be used when the air conditioner is controlled from another room.
** Wireless remote controller does not have a temperature-sensor.

Switchable fan speed
High setting provides maximum reach while low setting minimizes drafts.

Installation flexibility for freedom of design
Uniform height and depth. Compact design for small-capacity models to meet tighter dimensional constraints

Easy-clean surfaces
It is easy to wipe dirt off the surfaces of the unit.

Ease of maintenance
For all maintenance tasks, access is from bottom surface.


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