Cooling King

CAPACITY: 0.8 HP / 1.0 HP / 1.5 HP / 2.0 HP / 2.5 HP / 3.0 HP
COMPRESSOR: Non-Inverter

Cooling King. The cool first choice.

Compact size and easy to install split type air conditioner with 3-star efficiency rating that cools the room quickly with its Turbo mode feature.

A type of non-ozone depleting refrigerant that transfers heat energy in air conditioning and heat pump applications. R-410A is considered more environmentally friendly than older refrigerants such as R-22.

Main Features

Instant Comfort Cooling King Icon

Instant Comfort

With Cooling King’s Turbo Mode feature, it cools down the room quickly as the indoor fan motor will run into full power at MAXIMUM speed for 20 minutes which enables the set temperature to be achieved faster.

Pleasant Dream Cooling King Icons

Pleasant Dream

Sleep Mode feature prevents excessive cooling for a better and comfortable sleep.
Auto Random Restart Cooling King Icon

Auto Random Restart

When electricity power is restored after a sudden power failure, the unit will restart with the same settings before it shutdown which eliminates the hassle to manually set-up the preferred settings by the user.

Function List

Cooling King Function List

Cooling King Specifications

Temperature Control by Inverter and Non-Inverter Compressors (Cooling)

Cooling King Tech Specifications Table
Cooling King Non-Inverter

Cooling King

Compact size and ease of installation make split type air conditioners the popular choice for living room and bedroom spaces.