Floor Standing Type

3HP / 4HP / 5HP / 6HP

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Comfort cooling that stands out.

Far air flow

Air flow distance as far as 25m (size 160) which is about the size of a basketball court.

Powerful Operation

New powerful operation boosts airflow to maximum volume for a 20-minute period with highest fan speed.

Wireless & User-Friendly Control

Incorporated with infrared sensor for usage with wireless controller for greater flexibility.

  • Model Name
  • FVRN125AXVL9
  • FVRN140AXVL9
  • Cooling Capacity
  • 8.50 kW
  • 10.55 kW
  • 14.07 kW
  • 16.41 kW
  • Energy Efficient Ratio
  • 2.72 W/W
  • 2.78 W/W
  • 2.81 W/W
  • 2.63 W/W
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • 1850mm x 600mm x 270mm
  • 1850mm x 600mm x 350mm
  • 1850mm x 600mm x 350mm
  • 1850mm x 600mm x 350mm

Auto-swing mode
This unit uses its automatic horizontal swing louver to spread comfortable air flow to cool every corner of the room. Its vertical louvers are adjusted manually to match different interior spaces and partition as well as to avoid direct airflow.

Floor Standing Type - Auto Swing Mode

User-friendly controls
The unit comes with a stylish black control panel with white LED light for clear display. It comes with a keylock function to prevent setting change from unauthorized personnel.

Floor Standing Type - Firendly User Control

Safety clip
The safety clip feature allows users to remove the washable saranet filter with ease during maintenance. At the same time, it also acts as a safety feature to prevent the users from reaching into the electrical and mechanical components.

Floor Standing Type - Safety Clip

Space for water drain pump
There is a space in the unit below the fan that allows users to install an external condensate water pump. The condensate water drain pump is separately purchased and field installed.

Floor Standing Type - Space for Water Dain Pump


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